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We need to act now to stop the global temperature from rising at a steady 6% year on year.  Our current incompetent politicians cannot deliver Brexit; they cannot be trusted to save us, and thousands of other species from extinction.

I have founded The Zero Carbon Party to do just that.


The preindustrial global temperature has already crashed through +1.5C in 2018 and will be double to +3C by 2030 and double every 12 years after that unless we act now.

We cannot stop China, the USA, India and many other countries from burning coal, gas, oil and wood - it is pointless to waste the time, we do not have, persuading these countries to stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.


The quickest and easiest way to reverse global warming and return to our planet to pre-industrial global temperature and to save thousands of species (including us) from extinction is to grow billions of trees by irrigating in our planet's deserts.   Trillions of tonnes of wave derived desalinated water will be provided by my desalination ships. 


The forests of trees will give us back two atoms of oxygen for every molecule of CO2 produced by burning stuff by splitting more CO2 through photosynthesis than the world produces we will go carbon negative for the first time since 1850.  (For more information on desalination ships and how they work see www.renewtherms.com)

To do that we must form the next UK government by getting over 320 Zero Carbon Party seats in the House of Commons at the next General Election. Please suspend your loyalty to your political party temporarily so that we can reduce carbon emissions down to or below zero in five years from the General Election.

If you want to make a donation to The Zero Carbon Party you can do so by clicking here